The municipality of Modriča is located in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the entity of the Republic of Srpska covering an area of ​​363 m². According to the official estimates, 27,799 inhabitants live in the municipality of Modriča.

Modriča is a network of highways and regional roads, which is why it is characterized by railway connections with the routes Belgrade – Banja Luka and Sarajevo – Budapest. Not far from Modriča is the port of Šamac (20 km), then 53 km away from Modriča is Brčko, while Ploče is about 374 km away from Modriča. It is worth mentioning that Modriča is located near the border crossings with the Republic of Croatia (EU): the border crossing in Šamac is 20 km away from Modriča, and the border crossing Orašje is 43 km away from Modriča. The highway “Corridor V (5) c”, which passes through the Republic of Srpska, is currently under construction.


The following economic sectors have the greatest potential for investment in the municipality of Modrica:

Chemical industry

The business opportunity concerning this sector is an investment in the production of plastic packaging and production of metal barrels for the needs of “Modrica Oil Refinery” JSC. The largest company in the chemical sector is “Modrica Oil Refinery” JSC, which is the leading producer of lubricants, base liquids, and paraffin in the BiH market. The company operates within the company OAO “Zarubezhneft” based in Russia.

In addition to the Refinery, the company “Novoprom” Ltd. is engaged in the production of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers), polymerized bitumen, and bitumen emulsions for asphalt construction and other chemical products.


Business opportunities for this branch of the economy are investing in processing capacities for fruits and vegetables, meat and meat products, and milk and dairy products.

The municipality of Modriča is traditionally an agricultural area with a favorable climate, quality agricultural land, a long tradition in livestock, farming, vegetables, and fruit growing.

  • Funds for subsidies to encourage the development of agriculture are allocated from the municipal budget every year (200,000 KM is planned for 2022).
  • Cereals (corn, wheat, barley) and fodder plants are the most represented in crop production, and the lowest percentage is occupied by industrial plants (tobacco, soybeans).
  • 4,000,000 l of milk, 600 t of meat, 6,000 t of mercantile wheat, 50,000 t of corn grains, 4,000 t of plums, 500 t of apples, and pears are produced annually.
  • Existing refrigerator with a capacity of 600 t with the possibility of upgrading for another 300 t in the company “Krušik” Ltd., which grows pears, apples, and plums on 20,000 ha, and produces 11 types of fruit brandies and liqueurs under the brand “Monogram”.

Production of ALU, PVC, and wooden profiles – business opportunities:

  • Establishment of pellet production capacity.
  • Production of raw materials for the needs of the wood industry, such as MDF boards, natural veneer, plywood, edging, paints, varnishes, fittings, sandpaper, sand brushes, etc.
  • This sector is dominated by companies engaged in the production of PVC joinery “VD-system” Ltd., “PVC System Company”, “Djuric mont” Ltd. and “Ornament” Ltd., as well as companies producing bathroom and kitchen furniture, “Tesla” Ltd., “EL-EL Furniture” Ltd., “Drvorad” Ltd., “Comfort” Ltd.

Textile, leather, and footwear industry:

  • Establishing partnerships between investors and companies, where domestic companies would perform production, and investors would invest in the development and marketing of products in foreign markets.
  • Brownfield investments in existing facilities and launching textile production for world-famous brands.
  • A sector with a long-standing tradition and a trained workforce. This sector employs over 700 workers.
  • In the municipality of Modriča, there are two companies engaged in the production of textiles: “Hertex” Ltd. and “A’la Mode” Ltd., and three companies engaged in the production of footwear: “Alfa” Ltd., “Komo” Ltd., and “Thema” Ltd., which operate on the principle of “lohn” business for large companies from Italy, Austria and Croatia.

Metal industry – Business opportunities:

  • Investment in capacity for the production of parts for the automotive industry, household appliances, and various types of metal parts.
  • Cooperation with domestic companies that would perform production for foreign partners.

Significant companies in this sector are:

  • “FAM-JM” Ltd., the overhaul of SUS engines, production of mobile tools for CNC machines, the overhaul of sawmill equipment, and machine processing service. The company has established cooperation with partners such as “Yamazaki Mazak Corporation”, “Mori Seiki”, JSC “Modrica Oil Refinery” and “Würth”.
  • “R.T.S. Metal” Ltd., production of metal products and locksmith accessories.
  • “MP-Pandurević” Ltd., forged program, stainless steel program, aluminum program, various constructions, production of machines for the forged locksmith, CNC plasma cutting services, etc.
  • “Optima Power” Ltd., production of spare parts for turbine plants, production of transport tools for turbines according to customer requirements, machining of metals and structures, etc.

The Municipality of Modriča continuously monitors the needs of the economy and investors, harmonizes the education system, and offers the possibility of retraining and additional training of human resources that are on the records of the Employment Bureau.


The Municipality of Modriča mediates in finding locations for investors and the following locations are available:


The following foreign investors are currently operating in the municipality of Modriča:

  • “ZARUBEZHNEFT OAO” (Russia) in “Modrica Oil Refinery” JSC in the field of production of lubricants and fluids for vehicles and machinery and industrial plants, base oils, and kinds of paraffin.
  • “Ferdinand Richter” GmbH (Austria) in the company “ALFA” Ltd. in the field of footwear production.
  • “Castellina Srpska” Ltd. (Italy) in the company “Petar Mrkonjić” (an agricultural cooperative) in the activity of plant and livestock production.
  • “R.T.S. Metal” Ltd. (Switzerland) – production of metal structures.

It is tailored to the needs of investors and is useful to investors for several reasons:

  • The necessary information is in one place
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  • Assistance in making business plans
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