Entrepreneurial zone

Building plot, cadastrial parcel no. 1328/1 k.o. Modriča

Basic information

The building plot (cadastrial parcel no. 1328/1, cadastrial community Modriča) covers an area of ​​69,936 m² and is within the scope of the Regulatory Plan “Entrepreneurial Zone” in Modriča. According to the regulation plan “Entrepreneurial Zone”, the purpose of the plot area is for business facilities and entrepreneurial activities. The terrain is flat. Access to the plot is from the south, via an asphalt road. The plot has a connection to the water supply, sewerage, telecommunications, and electricity network. The regulation plan “Entrepreneurial Zone” outlines the formation of an access road and the construction of 9 buildings, of different shapes and surfaces, on 5 building plots. The plot is located in the 3rd zone of the city construction land in the local community Modriča 3 and has good traffic connections at a distance of about 1.2 km from the city center and the main road M 17 Doboj Modriča Šamac.

General characteristics:
  • Zone type: Greenfield
  • Lot size: 69,936 m²
  • Starting price of the land: 20.80 KM / m²
  • Fee for arranging construction land located in the city:
    business facilities: 35 KM / m²
    production facilities: 30 KM / m²
  • Annuity fee: 27.76 KM / m²
  • Location: a central urban area of ​​the municipality of Modrica
  • Target activities: Wood industry and furniture, light industry and all environmentally freindly production activities, services and engineering services that can operate near residential areas.
  • Electricity-Yes,
  • Water-Yes,
  • Wastewater drainage-Yes
  • Possibility of solid waste disposal-Yes
  • Phone / Internet-Yes
  • Transport infrastructure – Yes
  • Gas-No