The Sub-department for Local Economic Development and European Integration was established at the end of 2021, within the Department of Economy and Social Affairs.

The main goal of the Sub-department is to reduce the unemployment rate and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the municipality of Modrica. The Sub-department is a key carrier of development processes in the municipality of Modrica through development strategies, finding donor funds and attracting both domestic and foreign investors.

The Sub-department prepares and implements strategic documents of economic development of the municipality, prepares and implements decisions, programs, plans and other acts related to the development of the municipality, prepares and participates in the preparation of investment studies within its competence, prepares and implements investment and donor projects of economic development, tourism, environmental protection, agriculture and rural development, cooperates and coordinates work with other parts of the municipal administrative service on investment, donations and development, cooperates with domestic and international investors and donors in the scope of its activities, performs other tasks determined by the Mayor within his competence.

Organizational structure is consisted of
  • Head of the Sub-department for LED and European Integration
  • Independent expert associate for local economic development
  • Senior Expert Associate for Development Management and European Integration
Who does the Sub-department work with?
  • Close cooperation with the Mayor and all organizational units in the municipal administration of Modrica,
  • Cooperation with local businessmen,
  • Cooperation with regional, entity and national agencies supposed for development and investments,
  • Periodic cooperation with agricultural producers in the municipality of Modrica,
  • Cooperation with public institutions from ​​the municipality of Modrica region,
  • Cooperation with domestic and international organizations.
What does the Sub-department do?
  • Monitors and implements the Development Strategy of the municipality of Modrica and other related strategic plans and programs, especially in the part of coordination of activities, collection, monitoring and analysis of data on all segments of development, life and work in the municipality of Modrica,
  • Permanently communicates with local businessmen,
  • Encourages and helps local businessmen to expand their capacities,
  • Participates in the preparation of investment studies and arrangement of business zones,
  • Participates in creating a favorable investment climate in the municipality of Modrica, and through various mechanisms attracts both domestic and foreign investors,
  • Communicates and negotiates with potential domestic and foreign investors,
  • Prepares, writes and implements projects financed by domestic, European and other international institutions, funds and organizations,
  • Collects, processes and analyzes data that are necessary to map priorities in the work of the municipal Administration,
  • Promotes the potentials of the municipality of Modrica.


Presentation on the work of the Department for and EI


Vidovdanska 1, 74480 Modrica
Phone: 00387 53 810 511